For advertisers spending $3,000+/month in 2024:
How To Stop Inconsistent Sales So You Can Scale Without Raising CPA
By installing this simple media buying approach. You'll have fun.  You'll get your time back.  You'll have control over profit.
Dear Advertiser,

If you're like the 15,000+ others I've helped since 2009, you want to stop inconsistent sales so you can scale.

You can't solve this problem with a viral ad.  One campaign strategy.  Some secret audience.  Or a new scaling tactic.

Your unreliable sales are due to the complicated approach you're taking with media buying.  See graphic below.

When you do this:

Your Campaigns Die Rapidly.  You Create Inconsistent Sales With Low ROAS.  You Work More Than You Should.

Chances are high you buy media this way today.  Even if you have an agency or dedicated person pulling the trigger.

It's not your fault though.  You're following the 'conventional wisdoms' taught on the socials.

Watch this leaked clip of a client Zoom sesh.  You'll see how this complicated approach is the real reason for your ad problems.

This complicated approach to media buying produces poor performance 
Stop This Nonsense.  From This Point Forward, Do This:

My marketing agency has generated consistent sales on daily ad spends of up to $143,516.  We've managed north of $30 million for clients across every niche you can think of!

All the data I see has shown me the secrets the ad networks try to hide.

And the biggest one is this:

The sales algorithm hates a complicated approach.  It SUPER HATES you twerking settings and/or testing daily.

I figured this out when I was running a dozen client accounts by myself plus my own ads.  In order to keep my sanity, I HAD to find an easy way.

Because I didn't have the time to make hundreds of ads.  Nor did I want to be testing all day.  And my clients needed consistent sales for long periods of time, while scaling or they'd leave!

I tested and tweaked like a mad scientist until it clicked.  The simple media buying approach I developed ended up making my clients millions.

It works because it's based on human psychology and 3rd grade math.  This simple media buying approach continues to work, year in and year out.

Here's what it looks like:

This simple approach to media buying produces GREAT performance for the following business models: 
✅  E-commerce
✅  Information Products
✅  SaaS
✅  Coaching/Consulting
✅  Agency Services
✅  Local Businesses
✅  Lead Generation
✅  Low Ticket
✅  High Ticket.

Below is a message I got from a client who owns a marketing agency.

He scaled from $48,000 MRR to $100,000 MRR with this simple media buying approach! It only took him two months.
Now you realize:
This Simple Media Buying Approach Works To Make Your Ads Scale & Stay Profitable In 2024...

I have to warn you: it's a bit more complicated.  Every day I'm in the trenches helping advertisers make sales.

These five 'profit killers' will turn a simple media buying approach into a cash burning dumpster fire:

❌  Distrust of data.  Uncertainty of 'what's working'.

❌  Bad decision making once campaigns are live.

❌  Using 'short stack' ad messaging.

❌  Lack of back end marketing strategy.

❌  Failure to optimize the sales process.

With this simple media buying approach:
You Also Need These Four Profit Protectors. 
📊  Verified data you can trust.

🗺️  Decision making frameworks for pre & post-publish scenarios.

📚  'Full stack' messaging & conversion game plan.

🧙‍♂️  Trusted Mentor for help.
Here's Why I Say This With Complete Conviction:
My name is Jason Hornung. I've been called an outsider... a rebel... a maverick.

Every penny I've earned as an adult has been through commission only sales jobs or being a business owner in charge of making my own sales.

I raised myself up from a poor, broken home to become a multi-millionaire before the age of 40 via my marketing agency, JH Media LLC.

My passion is helping good business owners make consistent sales from advertising.
I started my journey online in the early days.  Here's a few things I learned:

1) Most people teaching marketing and sales online are full of doo-doo.  They're copying someone else or just lying.  Evil soul-sucking bastards teach them this is how you "make money online".

2) Pretenders selling courses leave gaps or missing pieces they don't know which make your ad campaigns doomed for failure before you launch.

3) Inconsistent sales has nothing to do with lack of knowledge or skills.

It's because the 'conventional wisdoms' in the market about media buying are fundamentally broken.  If you want to succeed with ads in 2024 you need to think and act differently.

My mission is to help business owners get consistent sales for any product anywhere online.  I created Academy of Advertising (AOA) in 2013 to provide this solution.

Over 15,000 people have used my simple media buying approach and profit protectors to date.  I call it: The AOA Way.
Here's What Happens When You Install The AOA WAY:

🚀  You'll NEVER be confused about 'what's working' because you have data you can trust.

🚀  You'll NEVER get stuck! You'll have decision making frameworks with step by step instructions for how to handle any situation that comes up.

🚀  You'll STOP wasting time and money testing hundreds of creatives and hooks.  Your ads will make consistent sales for months, possibly years, without you touching them.

🚀  You'll recover lost profit by installing a full stack messaging & conversion strategy which covers back end marketing you're missing.

🚀  You'll become a confident advertiser in total control of your sales and ROAS because you have all the training, tools & support you need from a trusted advisor.

🚀  You'll have so much control over your time your neighbors will be jealous.

🚀  You'll have fun
growing your business!

Look At The Results Advertisers Report From The AOA Way:
“Jason’s work consistently brings me back anywhere between $1.99 all the way up to $3 for every dollar I’ve spent with him. He is my friend, my former client, and now my traffic guy.”
“I attended Jason’s workshop & learned first-hand from him on managing Facebook Ads.  From dabbles of ad spend here & there, we managed to scale our campaigns to the point of spending $30,000/day & more profitably.”
“Over the last 90 days, Jason’s team took one of my products live. We’re averaging a $100,000 a month of revenue with less than $30,000 in ad spend, so we’re making 3 times back our money.”
Let's Install The AOA Way Into Your Business So You Can Get Consistent Sales.

I'm not here to sell you another 'figure it out yourself' course.  You don't want that.  Nor do you have the time.

You want a plan of action customized to your situation.  You want help figuring out what to do as you execute on your plan.

You want certainty so you're no longer overwhelmed.

You get all that in the Academy of Advertising Diamond Club.

The AOA Diamond Club is an annual mastermind program where you'll work directly with me to install The AOA Way into your business.

It starts with a 1-1 consultation.  During this Zoom sesh:

📊 I help you get your data trustworthy.

🗺️ I give you my guides for decision making frameworks.

📚 I create your 'full stack' messaging and conversion game plan.

🧙‍♂️ I give you a custom plan of action to install The AOA Way.

You leave the meeting with a calm confidence.  You execute.

    In the AOA Diamond Club, I'll mentor you for 12 months on mastering The AOA Way.  We'll defeat problems. We'll smash your sales goals.   
    Here's how:
    Live Weekly Consulting Calls With AOA Founder, Jason Hornung.

    Every Monday at 10am Pacific, you'll meet live with me and the other Diamond Club members to get help with your offers, funnels, ads and sales.

    You'll also get exclusive training on successful tests I'm running for clients today so you stay on top of what's working now.  It's not uncommon for clients to report windfall profits on these calls.
    24/7 Access to Academy of Advertising Skool Community.

    You'll never be left alone, confused or lost as you can get help from me and your fellow AOA Diamond Club members at any time!

    No question is "too beginner" or "out of bounds".  The point of this community is to help you get results.  And trust me, I've seen everything and can tell you how to fix any issue you come across.
    24/7 Access to the The Champagne Room.

    You'll get all the recordings from past Diamond Club calls which contain exclusive training material you won't find inside the courses.

    You'll also get access to a private Slack channel where we're doing deals.  For example, you can refer business to my done for you agency to me and get paid a finder's fee.  We also might be able to partner on a deal or you could partner with another member.

    The sky's the limit when we put our minds together and collaborate!
    Save Time.  Avoid Wasted Ad Spend.  Maximize ROAS.  Sharpen Your Skills.  Scale Your Sales. With The AOA Diamond Club Training, Tools, Templates & Swipes. 
    Ultimate Advertising Course Bundle.

    You'll get four courses that will turn you into a calm, cool & collected professional advertiser able to create profitable ads and scale them in less than a week.

    You'll learn the AOA 'Lazy Man's' Methodology and how to apply it to Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube & TikTok.  The best part is you'll be able to manage all this in less than an hour per day, in fact, most days you won't even look at your accounts like me 😉
    Ultimate Ad Swipe & Deploy Bundle.

    You'll NEVER have to guess what to say to make sales or even write your own ad copy when you use my 12 "A.I. Instructing Ad Copy Frameworks + Chat GPT Prompts.

    You'll also get 18 Creative Frameworks so you know exactly what images and video types generate consistent sales in all my tests.  With the $100M Ad Swipe File, you'll never run out of ideas for sales generating ads.
    Ultimate Agency Building Bundle.

    You'll be absolutely amazed by this course bundle as you'll get all the SOP's, hiring guides, checklists and templates I used to build my 7 figure marketing agency from scratch.

    If you're tired of hiring failed agencies, you can use this to build, train and run your entire media buying team.
    Ultimate Skills Course Bundle.

    Along with your ad skills, you'll need to master copywriting, email marketing and sales to become a person who can craft up winning campaigns with ease while maximizing the return on ad spend you get.

    You'll be able to increase your conversion rates, repeat buyers and average order values (which means a LOT MORE money) in your business when you use this material.
    Advanced Conversion Strategies Swipe File.

    You'll get a Google Doc with the ad, funnel & follow up strategies + templates for EVERY ONLINE BUSINESS MODEL ever made!

    With these tested and proven examples to model, you'll never have to guess about what to do or what to say to make sales in any ad, funnel page or email follow up.

    This is like having a time machine that lets you skip forward to being a master without having to suffer through the process of becoming one.
    Here's A Summary Of The AOA Diamond Club Value:

    💰 Private One Hour Consult With AOA Founder Jason Hornung
    💰 Live Weekly Consulting Calls With AOA Founder Jason Hornung
    💰 Access To AOA Skool Community
    💰 The Champagne Room
    💰 Ultimate Advertising Course Bundle

    💰 Ultimate Ad Swipe & Deploy Bundle
    💰 Ultimate Skills Course Bundle
    💰 Ultimate Agency Building Bundle
    💰 Advanced Conversion Strategies Swipe File

    Total Value = $30,000/year.

    Unlike other masterminds of this caliber, you won't be asked to invest $30,000/year.

    WARNING! The AOA Diamond Club Is NOT Open To The Public.  Here's Why:
    I get a thrill when my clients win.  It pumps me up and makes me feel like I'm living my purpose in my work.

    As much as I love the thrill of client wins, I agonize deeply over their losses.

    I can't help EVERYONE win.  There's certain character traits that separate winners from losers in life.  That "it" factor as they say.

    Some have it.  Some don't.

    Which is why I made the AOA Diamond Club an exclusive, invite only program for advertisers spending more than $3,000/month on ads RIGHT NOW.

    All potential AOA Diamond Club members go through an online screening process plus an interview with me personally.

    This way I can ensure the members coming in are winners and will bring the same winning energy we have already going in this group.

    If you're accepted:
     You Make 10x Your Investment Or You Don't Pay.
    It’s 30 days from now. Your investment in the AOA Diamond Club has paid you back many times over.  You’re seeing more sales, more clients, more wins and ultimately more happiness.

    All your anxiety and stress has melted away so you can finally breathe easy.

    People who watched you suffer when you lost money in the past are stunned by your ‘rise to the top’.  For the first time, you’re empowered to achieve your greatest hopes for your income and life.

    Apply to Join the AOA Diamond Club and claim the consistent sales you deserve, today.

    Remember, The AOA Way:

    Works in EVERY compliant niche/market.

    Works on ad spends from $20/day to $143,516/day.

    Work on every major ad platform.

    I look forward to having you as my next success story, I'm super pumped to see where you take this!

    To the victor belong the spoils,

    Jason Hornung
    Academy of Advertising
    JH Media, LLC

    P.S.  In case you’re like me and you scroll on down to read this PS first, here’s the deal:

    I spent $30 million in my advertising agency perfecting a simple media buying approach. It's made over $100 million for myself and clients.

    I created a program called AOA Diamond Club where I help clients make life changing money with 100% integrity by installing my simple media buying approach.

    This is a 'do it with you' program for one year. I'll give you specific plans of action, I'll help you come up with offers, positioning & messaging. And I'll help you optimize your offers, funnels and ad campaigns.

    Because of the intimate nature of The AOA Diamond Club, enrollment is limited and exclusive.  If you're an advertiser spending $3,000+/month on ads RIGHT NOW...

    And you want to get consistent sales you can scale...  While working the least amount possible... Click the button below to apply today.

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